Your Vehicle’s Mechanical Life

August 7, 2016

If you own your automobile for 10 years or more, it will go through many repairs. Finding a great mechanic is fantastic for your finances and your cars care. But it is important that you understand and are ready for some of the things that may need to be replaced or repaired over your transportation’s mechanical life.

Your car is a mechanical being, every time you drive there are hundreds of parts moving together to create your joyful ride. Because they are mechanical parts, they wear out, can be faulty and can fail due to improper care. Some of the items that may need to be change of the course your card life, is the gearbox, the engine, the wheel bearings, the differential and the steering rack.

car6The gearbox is a vital part of your vehicle, it gives you a smooth transition into different speeds. If you are driving a manual gearbox, you will need to change the clutch plate which connects the engine and gearbox. Due to the nature of the clutch plate, it is prone to wearing and will need to be replaced may be 2 to 3 times if you keep your ride for 10 years. It is important that you keep your gearbox well serviced, as these are extremely expensive to replace if maintained poorly. Servicing the gearbox will mean changing the filter on the inside and replacing the oil. This will need to be done by a professional, as in most cases you will need to remove the gearbox to handle this procedure.

car3The engine is the most vital part of your automobile, it is critical that you keep this in perfect working order. Adhere to the manuals advisory servicing and fluid changes. An engine will not only wear out because of lack of oil, but also if the motor is not properly tuned, it will become unbalanced and can cause excess wear. An oil change should be done every 5000 to 10,000 klms and make sure you change the oil filter when you change your oil. It is important that you also service, the air filter, spark plugs, high tension leads and the timing belt.

car17Wheel bearings are something that needs replacing over the mechanical life of your vehicle, these items are replaced more on a wear basis. You will notice when you need a new wheel bearing by the sound it makes when you’re driving. You will hear a grinding noise coming from your wheel and the noise or continue even when you’re breaking. When you hit as constant noise it’s important that you see your mechanic immediately. They would diagnose the sound and advise a wheel bearing replacement or if it is some other mechanical problem.

car18The differential drives the wheels of your vehicle and can become worn and damaged. You will hear when a differential needs replacing, it’ll starts whirring as you drive. It is important that you see a mechanic immediately to find out whether this problem is critical. Differentials that run low on oil can seize while driving, so it is important that you get your mechanic to check the oil level of your differential every time you have a service.

Your steering rack is the most important mechanical device in your vehicle, as a steers you safely in the right direction. When a steering rack is damaged it may add slack to your steering, so you may need to either correct while steering or your steering wheel may vibrate while driving. If you notice any of these symptoms seek mechanical device immediately.

Understanding the things that need to be done to your automobile, can give you a better understanding of the mechanical lingo your repairman uses and it also prepares you for repairs that you may need in the future so you can start saving today.


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